Hino trucks are wonderful tools for our work—we have confidence in them.

Owner's Voice


TFátima, Peru

Ms. Rosa Maria Huaytan
Owner and Administrative Manager

“We’re a transport company with a focus on transporting wooden pallets and coils. The first truck we purchased when we started up the company was a Hino.

“We currently own five Hino trucks. We later purchased trucks from other manufacturers, but that actually served to drive home how good the Hinos were—so we plan to purchase the new FM this year. As part of our preliminary purchase review process, we asked our drivers what they thought, and almost all of them voted for Hino.

“Another clincher for us was that it’s easier to transport large cargo on Hinos. Hino trucks have powerful engines, so they can go over hills easily. They have large cargo spaces and provide good fuel economy. We also like the great service we receive from Hino.

“Hino trucks are wonderful tools for our work—we have confidence in them. I’m sure more and more business owners will begin to take note of their strength and start purchasing Hino trucks.

“My belief is that business success comes from putting our hearts into taking good care of our trucks. Every morning, I say a prayer for each of our trucks. At all times, we value putting in our best effort, putting our hearts into what we do, and helping each other. We’re a small team, but I believe there’s nothing we cannot do.”