Hino trucks never let us down.

Owner's Voice


Transcosise SAC, Peru

Mr. Immer Miguel Palacios Yauri
Administrative Manager

“We transport toilet paper and other mass consumer products throughout Peru, with a focus on the Lima area. We currently operate twenty HINO500 Series trucks.

“We’d been hearing about Hino trucks from our dealer since around 2003. We felt they were competitively priced, with large loading capacities that would help us improve our profit margins. What we realized after actually purchasing these trucks was that not only were they comfortable to drive, but they also provided large cargo spaces that allowed us to carry more than we ever had in the past.

“What stood out for us―and drove home the peace of mind of operating Hino trucks―was when one of our drivers in a Hino truck came across difficult road conditions that had held other manufacturers’ trucks at bay, but he was able to drive on.

“Hino trucks are powered by excellent engines. They’re able to drive in a variety of road conditions, and they can load a significant amount of cargo. These features have allowed us to improve the profitability of our operations.

“We also have a great relationship with our Hino dealer. They explain all of the trucks’ benefits to us, and our rep is always ready to help us out. I was surprised when they even helped us arrange photos for our company marketing.

“Our competitors are watching what we’re doing, and those who’ve come to realize the benefits of Hino trucks are beginning to buy them en masse. Good things have a way of spreading quickly.

“Hino trucks fulfill our needs, and they never let us down.”