I look forward to Hino establishing its position as the top name in bus brands.

Owner's Voice


Harapan Jaya / Indonesia

Mr. Sugio Utomo

“Our company started operating buses in 1971, and I took over from my father-in-law in 1991. At the time, our buses weren’t Hinos, but mainly came from another maker.

“When Hino came out with the air-suspension-equipped RN285, we decided to purchase one to see how it would perform on long-distance routes. What we realized after actually operating a Hino bus was how easy it was to maintain. Compared to Hinos, we found that vehicles from other makers were quite difficult to keep in optimal condition. Even piston replacement would be an ordeal, since we had to go to the dealer just to find out what size we needed. You don’t encounter that kind of complication with Hino vehicles.

“I’d also like to point out that Hino’s engines are very robust. I believe Hino vehicles have brought a great deal of efficiency to our operations.

“The longest route traveled by our buses stretches for 772 kilometers, which takes about 17 hours one way. Since it would be excruciating for our customers to ride on a coilsuspension vehicle over such a distance, we operate RN285 buses on this route. Hino’s air suspension is crucial for serving our customers on night routes, and the power and comfort of these buses are why we’ve chosen Hino.

“Of the 280 buses were presently own, 159 are Hinos. I look forward to Hino establishing its position as the top name in bus brands.”