We continue to operate Hino trucks because we place an emphasis on safety— and braking performance in particular.

Owner's Voice


NK Gas (NKS Subang SDN BHD)
/ Malaysia

Mr. Ng Guan Huat

“Eight out of the twelve trucks our company currently owns are Hinos.We purchased our first Hino truck in 2007, immediately after we learned about their excellent braking performance.

“Our company sells and transports liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).LPG tanks are not light by any means, and require special attention as they contain gas. While all of our drivers are well-versed in the points to keep in mind when transporting LPG tanks, these tanks inevitably move around to some extent during transport. So drivers must be particularly careful when going around bends or corners. And if the cargo bed is wet and slippery from rain, they take even more care. For this reason alone, safety―and braking performance in particular―is a critical factor in our choice of trucks.

“We also place importance on quality of service. There’s a Hino service center (Soon Heng Motor & Commercial Truck Sdn. Bhd.)
about 20 minutes from us where we take our trucks for all of our servicing needs, including oil changes. They provide quick and reliable servicing work.

“We believe that having our trucks serviced by Hino experts makes a big difference. This is because, by working with an authorized dealer of Hino Malaysia, I don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re using genuine parts or the correct type of oil.

“Although we’re responsible for our designated area as a sales dealer of an energy company, we will travel the extra distance if our customers ask us to. This is because we believe service is key to establishing a good trust-based relationship with our customers. Personal ties are critical for business, and the same applies to our relationship with our Hino dealer. The reason we continue to operate Hino trucks is that we have confidence in Mr. Chia Kok Keng of our Hino dealership.”