I think Hino is the best choice for us.

Owner's Voice


SKTS Enterprise / Malaysia

Mr. K. Sungra
General Manager

“Our company primarily transport food products. Our freezer trucks transport seafood and pastries, as well as products for Starbucks and Subway. We used to operate trucks from another maker, but now, thanks to the help we get from our Hino dealer, I think Hino is the best choice for us.

“I used to work at McDonalds, where I had experience with Hino trucks for 20 years, so I knew how good these trucks were. I had been thinking of purchasing Hino trucks from the time I founded this company in 1997. Hino trucks are durable and long-lasting. You can use them for many years to come as long as you service them properly.

“An important point to consider in determining a truck manufacturer with whom to partner, in addition to the performance of their products, is the quality of their services. Our Hino dealer is always there for us.When we need some genuine parts for our trucks, all I have to do is make one phone call.

“Our dealer takes care of everything for us regarding maintenance services and repairs. And not only for parts, but even when purchasing a new truck, all I do is call the person in charge of our account at the dealer and he takes care of the rest. That’s the level of confidence we have in our Hino dealer’s service. We are very satisfied.

“On one occasion, there was this incident where one of our trucks broke down 600 kilometers away from where we’re located. All I had to do was call our Hino dealer. They arranged for repairs and the truck came home without any further incident. Their quick response was a great help to us.

“We do simple things like oil changes in our garage, but anything other than that, we have our dealer take care of it. And things are becoming even more convenient, as they’ll be opening up a new service center close to our location.”