We Choose Hino for the Personal Touch and Superior Specs

Owner's Voice



Mr. Emanuel Martínez Morales
Director of Administration & Finance


Mr. Fernando A. Rodoríguez Medellín

Since Envia first began operating in the transport sector in 1961, the firm has emerged as a leading force in transport and logistics in Mexico. In recent years, Hino vehicles have proved crucial the company’s business.

“We’ve been using Hino vehicles since 2007, when HIMEX was established as a distributor in Mexico. Hino vehicles are cheaper than the competition when it comes to fuel economy and low maintenance cost, we are very satisfied with their durability,” said Mr. Morales.

He recounts a story that made him a fan of Hino early on.

“Actually, with our first Hino vehicle, I felt that the outside door handle was located inconveniently high. After I told HIMEX this, a technician from Hino came and confirmed our preferences. They took the vehicle back to Japan, revised the specs so that location of the handle has been perfect on every subsequent order. I don’t know any other company that would be this accommodating.”

This story conveys the firm’s satisfaction with and trust in Hino. Mr. Medellín adds: “The other day we asked drivers of our Hino vehicles what would they say if they were asked to switch to another brand. They all said they would say no, and preferred Hino. Clearly they are satisfied with the performance or Hino vehicles.”

Envia is also known for its proactive environment-related initiatives.Mr. Medellín says that it plans to add 50 Hino hybrid vehicles by 2020 and continue to support the training of its drivers with Hino’s Eco Driving Seminar as well as hybrid vehicle driving seminars.