Working to Make Customers Smile and to Contribute to a Better Global Environment

Owner's Voice


Unilever de Mexico

Mr. Luis Miguel Reyes Romero
Coordinator Senior Distribution & Vehicle IC

Established in 1922, Unilever de Mexico delivers the globally renowned Unilever brand Holanda ice cream to its network of shops and others.To deliver to a network of 150,000 stores within Mexico, Mr. Romero uses a fleet of 600 trucks and 1,000 drivers. He first encountered Hino in 2015 at an event designed to bring together truck manufacturers and truck users.

“After the Hino purchase I noticed a few things. First, there is of course the quality, but beyond that the service is great. They’ve provided the Eco Driving Seminar to our drivers more times than I can count. The seminar really gives detailed ways of improving gas mileage,” Mr. Romero said.

“Moving forward, to help the global environment we will be switching 60 to 80 of our diesel truck fleet to hybrids,” he said, adding with a big smile, he said, “This is related to our business target of doubling sales volume and halving carbon dioxide emissions…and also my personal dream of putting a smile on the faces of everyone who eats Holanda products.”