Reduced Management Costs Coupled with Top Performance: We are Happy with Hino

Owner's Voice


Smartlease Transporte Inteligente

Mr. Arturo Zamorano
General Manager

Readers will likely be familiar with international blue-chip companies such as Walmart, DHL and UPS. The leasing company Smartlease counts these among their valued clients, as well as Mexican businesses such as transport firm Esgari and the department store chain Liverpool. The success that Smartlease has enjoyed is evident in the size of its fleet which surged from 30 vehicles in 2014 to 300 in 2016. Of these, 128 are Hino vehicles, including hybrids.

During the busy months of December and May, the company says that almost all of the vehicles are leased, said Mr. Zamorano, adding, “Buoyed by this strong demand, the company is aggressively looking to expand.”

“Currently, we have two domestic sales offices, but we are planning to increase this to 32 within five years to offer our services to customers across Mexico,” he said.

Mr. Zamorano explains what led the company to go with Hino.

“We were using U.S.-made vehicles, but we gave Hino a try to compare the fuel economy with Hino vehicles. The result was that Hino vehicles got better gas mileage, furthermore we also realized that maintenance costs are lower with Hino than with other companies. Hino vehicles have consistently given us superior vehicle performance and great service. We’re very happy that we made the move to Hino.”