We are Hooked on Hino Buses’ Excellent Performance.

Owner's Voice


Calinog Bus Line (CBL)

Mr. Quirino Celeste Jr.
Chairman of the board

Calinog Bus Line (CBL)

Ms. Maria Rose Celeste

Calinog Bus Line (CBL) is a bus company offering public transport service between Iloilo City and Calinog Town on Panay Island. “My parents started the company in 1968 with only one bus. I assumed ownership of the business in 1978 and now we operate 32 vehicles including our Hino buses,” said Mr. Celeste. Today he runs the company with his wife, who serves as president. “I became involved in the business when we got married in 1984,” said Ms. Celeste, explaining that the company’s buses run every 15 minutes, making four round trips with each running more than 300 kilometers per day, “Some of the roads we travel are rough and unpaved. This means that for us bus performance is key because maintenance costs can affect our business revenue,” said Ms. Celeste, stressing the need for buses that can service long-distance routes without breaking down.

“We started our relationship with Hino in 1979 with the purchase of a Hino KM bus. Subsequently, in 1996 we bought three FC buses. Their good fuel efficiency and durability have made us very confident in the products and this performance has really hooked us on Hino. Since 2012, we have purchased even more Hino buses and now own and operate 26 of them,” Ms. Celeste explained. As a provider of public transport, CBL places a premium on passenger safety and getting people to their destinations on schedule. Ms. Celeste smiles when she says that the performance of Hino’s buses have been key to enabling CBL consistently to run buses at 15-minute intervals.

“Apart from that, maintenance needed for Hino vehicles is minimal and it is easy to get the parts that we need, which is a big help. That’s why we believe that operating Hino buses is a way for us to boost our business revenue going forward,” Ms. Celeste added. “In this way we can further expand the business and acquire additional Hino bus units. That way, we can help more people, which is really our dream. Our business helps children commute to school and being able to do that means that we have helped many to graduate. This is something that makes what we do at CBL immensely fulfilling,” said Ms. Celeste.