Extremely Happy with Hino.

Owner's Voice


Inland Corporation

Ms. Maria Teresa R. Antonio

Inland Corporation got its start in 1976 as a customs brokerage. When established by Ms. Antonio’s father, the company began operating with a few Hino trucks that were secondhand units purchased from Japan. At that time, Ms. Antonio was still in school, but would come in and help out at the company. From there, she says she started learning about all facets of the logistics business from the ground up. Over time, the firm has evolved into a total logistics company that offers everything from transport and warehousing to cold storage while expanding its operations nationwide with branches in places including Manila, Cebu, and Laguna.

“We tried other brands, but as the competition was gradually intensifying, we were looking for brand-new and more reliable products, vehicles that would rarely break down and run with a minimum of maintenance. That was when we rediscovered Hino. We wanted the reliability and excellent performance of Japanese products, but also a company that will grow with us and be willing to think about how they can help us with other modes of transportation that we can provide to our clients. Hino was able to do that,” Ms. Antonio said.

Today Inland Corporation has about 30 Hino vehicles and is planning gradually to increase its fleet further with regular purchases of additional Hino vehicles including refrigerated trucks, freezer trucks, and light-duty trucks to support e-business needs. “Within three years we plan to have our entire fleet be Hino. In our day-to-day operations the most important thing is basically being able to have peace of mind. Hino makes that possible. Our Hino trucks travel an average of 150 kilometers each day without trouble, and they also have good fuel economy. We’ve been extremely happy with the performance of our Hino vehicles,” Ms. Antonio said.

The company is using its success to give back to the community. It has built a school to cater to the needs of children living in a poor and struggling part of the Tondo district of Manila, where the company is located. Ms. Antonio eagerly explained the company’s social responsibility activities.

“We offer meals to 500 to 600 children on Saturday and we fully support the nutritional, medical, and education needs of a few children. In the future, hopefully we will be able to expand this and maybe make a college.”