20 Years of Hino and We’re Still Very Satisfied.

Owner's Voice


Omnico Consortium, Inc.

Mr. Joseph L. Chua

Established in 1997, Omnico Consortium, Inc. is a manufacturer of ready-mix concrete. After two years as the exclusive supplier of the Metro Manila Skyway, a highway in Manila, the firm undertook additional major projects including supplying most of the concrete for major infrastructure projects such as terminals two and three of the Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the construction of key highways, and for high-rise buildings in downtown and surrounding Manila.

“When I started the company, 15 of the 70 trucks in our fleet were used Hino units purchased in Taiwan. Since then we have continued to buy two or three used Hino trucks each year from Taiwan. In 2017, we bought new Hino trucks for the first time, purchasing 60 brand-new FS mixer trucks at once,” Mr. Chua explained.

“When you make four trips a day delivering concrete to destinations within a 25-kilometer radius, then it is very important to have vehicles that are reliable, fuel efficient, and durable. In 2000, we worked on a water treatment plant project. The construction site was in a very isolated area with no proper road to it. This was a very tough site. Most of the other companies’ trucks broke down and couldn’t deliver the concrete, but I was able to supply that project until it was finished because of the durability and power of my Hino trucks.”

These characteristics and other attributes have made Mr. Chua a fan of Hino vehicles. “Today 160 of our trucks, or 80 percent of our fleet are Hino vehicles. Hino products are incredibly durable, their engines are powerful, and they are extremely reliable. Those are the reasons that I want to rely only on one brand and gradually make my entire fleet Hino. I chose the brand that I want to go with very carefully. I’ve gotten to know Hino trucks and choosing only one brand will make everything simpler to manage such as when it comes to handling any technical issues that arise as well as stocking and managing parts,” Mr. Chua said.
“Overall we’re very satisfied with Hino. Mind you, the older units we’ve got have been with us for 20 years. By introducing new Hino trucks we know that we’ll be able to focus our energies more on our operations and concentrate more attention on developing new business, getting new customers, and delivering quality products,”