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Owner's Voice


I.R.C.C. El Corral

Mr. Carlos Arturo Betancourth
Logistics Manager

El Coral is a company that operates a chain of 420 hamburger shops as well as 11 different kinds of eating and drinking stablishments in Columbia including other restaurants and beer stations that require daily deliveries of fresh food. “In the national capital of Bogota alone these shops sell nearly 10,200 hamburgers daily,” said Mr. Carlos Arturo Betancourth.

El Coral began introducing light-duty Hino trucks to its fleet around 2016.

“What started introducing Hino vehicles to our fleet is because their specs including the rear single-tire configuration enabled increased payload and was the best match for our business. After we actually started using Hino, we discovered additional new merits. For instance, fuel economy improved by nearly 30% on one delivery route compared with a different brand of truck. In addition, the riding comfort and easy handling of the Hino vehicles have won over all of our drivers, who now only want to drive Hino products in the future. We have had zero service issues and are extremely satisfied with Hino,” said Mr. Betancourth.

Asked about El Coral’s business outlook, Mr. Betancourth said with a smile, “We are planning to double our business scale from 2020 to 2022, including expanding our restaurant network abroad. And the plan is to increase our fleet of Hino vehicles as well.”