We look forward to continuing to use Hino vehicles to deliver our products to our many customers.

Owner's Voice


Productos Ramo

Mr. Pablo Andrés Benavides
Logistics Director

Established more than 65 years ago, Prodcutos Ramo is one of Columbia’s largest makers of bread, snacks and cakes. In particular their Chocoramo chocolate-covered snack has found immense popularity with people around the nation since the company first started producing 40 years ago. “We lease 550 light-duty trucks to deliver our products directly to nearly 280,000 shops in Columbia.

At first, we used a different brand of truck, but that changed after we tried Hino in 2014. As soon as we tried Hino, we realized that vehicle performance including riding comfort was superior to what we had been using,” said Mr. Pablo Andrés Benavides, adding, “We became and remain convinced that Hino is an excellent brand, and are looking to increase the number of Hino trucks that we operate.”

“We plan to open a new plant to boost our production capacity and are planning to launch a new product this year,” said Mr. Benavides. All signs show that further growth of Productos Ramo will increase the opportunities to use Hino trucks.