Hino Has Minimized Our Vehicle Downtime.

Owner's Voice


Transportes Alianza

Mr. Rodrigo Pinzón
General Manager

Alianza started operating in 1958 with a fleet of 35 buses. Today the company boasts a total of 160 intercity buses. The longest route the firm operates runs between Monteria and Bucaramanga— a one-way trip of 700 kilometers. The company uses Hino buses to cover the route. General Manager Rodrigo Pinzón told Hino why.

“In 2003, we did an across-the-board performance comparison of buses made in Japan, Europe and Brazil. The results showed that Hino had the top driving performance. We transport people with our buses so riding comfort is important, and Hino also receives high marks in this area”. However, Mr. Pinzón is impressed with more than Hino’s performance, saying, “Hino is number one when it comes to maintenance service as well. If repair work is required, then Hino’s turnaround is shorter than the competition. Hino truly minimizes vehicle downtime.”

In concluding the interview, we asked Mr. Pinzón about his dreams for the future of his company. “We are a family-run operation, so I hope that one day my son will take the reins. And, I hope that we can expand our operations to take our bus service to other countries as well,” he said.