Hino is dedicated to fulfilling customer needs.

Owner's Voice


Taipei Bus Company, Ltd.

Mr. Po-wen Lee

Taipei Bus was established in 1954 as part of the Capital Bus Group. Its service area includes 89 routes in the Taipei metropolitan area and four highway express routes. It currently has 958 vehicles in operation. In 2012, Taipei Bus became the first public bus operator in Taiwan to receive ISO 9001 certification. The company has also been recognized with 20 consecutive awards from the Taipei city government for its service excellence.

The company’s chairman reflected on the company’s history with Hino. “By 2009 Taipei Bus had already purchased more than 3,000 Hino buses, owing to the vehicles’ build quality and outstanding fuel efficiency. However, when the Taiwanese government’s policy called for barrier-free public transportation in 2009, we had no other choice but to use buses from Chinese or Korean manufacturers because Hino did not make low-floor buses at that time.”

He spoke with pride on his relationship with Hino. “When Hino finally unveiled its low-floor buses in 2016, Taiwan became the first country to adopt them. We decided to purchase the HS low-floor bus considering our positive experience with Hino vehicles in the past.
At this moment 82 HS buses are in service, and another 61 units are due in the second half of this year. We plan to expand our low-floor bus coverage to more routes in the future.”

When asked to evaluate HS buses and the Hino brand, He replied, “Hino gave special attention to the chassis design. The HS bus is capable of maximum non-step floor area, providing added comfort for passengers. In terms of engine performance, HS bus is the only SCR-free low-floor bus available in Taiwan. These features have significantly reduced our operating costs. I’m convinced that Hino does more than just produce high-quality products -- they are also dedicated to fulfilling customer needs. Hino dealers are also Taipei Bus’s most trusted partners for the top-quality service they provide. These actions demonstrate Hino’s good faith in its devotion to long-term partnerships with customers, and these partnerships are built upon trust. I look forward to developing these partnerships in the form of better public transport convenience for all passengers.”