I am confident we made the right decision in choosing Hino vehicles.

Owner's Voice


SinDian Bus Co., Ltd.

Mr. Chun-Hsiung Chang
Chairman of the Board

SinDian Bus Co., Ltd.

Mr. Te-Wei Chou
Maintenance Manager

SinDian Bus began purchasing Hino brand vehicles and providing public transport services in Taipei back in 1980. “We are currently operating 304 buses serving 12 routes in the Greater Taipei area, of which 37 buses are Hino HS low-floor buses, with an additional 62 due this year.

“Our bus fleet is comprised of 100% Hino vehicles,” Mr. Chang said with pride. He told us why he made Hino his choice.

“More than 20 years ago, we chose Hino to be the only bus brand for our fleet because of its superior quality. I have a special admiration for Japanese corporate management, especially Japanese vehicle manufactures’ end-to-end quality control. So I believe Hino vehicles have proved their durability and reliability through years of extensive use. I believe good vehicles deserve good drivers. We have an independent committee in charge of recruitment that ensures our drivers share common values. The hiring process is particularly competitive. We usually receive 50 applications per vacancy despite a general shortage of drivers in the industry. Thanks to the quality of our employees and Hino vehicles, we have reduced operating costs through minimized maintenance work with minimum staff, and yet we maintain an exceptionally high vehicle availability rate.”

Mr. Chang gave the HS bus high marks. “When the government began promoting the use of low-floor buses in 2009 as part of its social welfare policies, I had faith that Hino would soon provide low-floor buses. Eventually, the world’s first production HS bus joined our fleet in 2016. The Hino HS bus makes it much easier for passengers to get on and off the bus. Its chassis is also designed to accommodate a larger non-step area than other brands. This feature helps us fulfill our social responsibility by enhancing accessibility for passengers who are elderly and disabled. For drivers, stability has been enhanced because the HS bus is equipped with an automatic transmission. Drivers are also pleased with the smoothness of the engine’s power output, not to mention its quietness.”

In closing, Mr. Chang reflected on his history with the Hino Group. “We have established strong trust-based relationships with Hotai Motor and its dealers. This kind of trust takes a long time to build. Hino is very supportive in the vehicle procurement phase, as well as providing efficient, high-quality services after purchase.
I am very confident that we made the right decision in choosing Hino vehicles, and we will continue to use Hino vehicles in the future.”