Hino’s Incomparable Comprehensive Care is Why We Buy Hino

Owner's Voice


Mohammed Abdallah Sharbatly Co. Ltd.

Mr. Danie C. Zaayman
Workshop Manager

Established in the 1930s, our company primarily deals in the wholesale buying and selling of fruits, vegetables and frozen foods. Headquartered in Jeddah and with an11-branch network, we operate throughout Saudi Arabia and in nearby countries. The scale of our business operations is among the top in our industry in Saudi Arabia. We have superior refrigeration and freezing facilities and a logistics network to enable us to reliably provide fresh products more rapidly despite the unforgiving climate of the Middle East.

Of our 335 strong fleet, 146 units are Hino trucks, which is comprised of 93 light-duty units and 53 medium-duty units. Since 2010, we have regularly purchased Hino trucks. In the past, we used vehicles from other Japanese makers, but after I joined the company in 2009, I convinced top management that we should be purchasing Hino trucks. The reason is that in my native South Africa, the Toyota distributor handled Hino and I was won over by the high quality of the Hino brand.

Using Hino products has made me realize and appreciate the frequent visits and detailed communication provided by Hino’s local distributor, Jamjoom Vehicles & Equipment (JVE). For example, Hino responds more rapidly and sincerely than other companies when it comes to maintenance and repair service issues, questions about components or anything else. This helps us to realize the uptime possible. Other Japanese truck makers almost never make the time to come to our workshop. With JVE, not only the relationship managers in charge of looking after us come to see us, but so does the company president. We’re extremely satisfied with Hino’s service. We also have high praise when it comes to quality—Hino vehicles are tough and excel on hills.

We have equipped our company’s trucks with GPS to monitor their locations and we are currently using a Japanese information system to try to collect information on vehicle operation such as running speed, acceleration and braking frequency. We would like to use data to understand the driving habits of each vehicle operator and use this to offer instruction to encourage driving practices that are safer and more environmental. Toward this end, I would like to look to Hino to help enhance our vehicle operators’ driving skills and to also increase our company’s profitability. I have high expectations for Hino moving ahead.