Hino’s Support is Essential to Our Business Growth

Owner's Voice


National Aquaculture Group

Mr. Saleh Abu Bakur Alamuodi
Manager-Central Workshop

At National Aquaculture Group, we cultivate seafood including shrimp and fish, producing and selling daily up to 600 tons of frozen seafood that is shipped to countries around the world. We have more than 500 aquaculture ponds in 27 locations with 2,500 employees of 32 nationalities working at our aquaculture locations and marine products processing facilities. We are one of the largest companies in our industry worldwide.

We use our fleet of 197 trucks to ship products and transport feed, among other things. We have 120 light-duty trucks, 56 medium-duty trucks, and 21 heavy-duty trucks. Of these, 74 of the light-duty trucks and all of the medium-duty trucks are Hino trucks.

In the past, we purchased most of our light-duty trucks from a different Japanese manufacturer, but we were dissatisfied with the company’s after service. We were seeking more detailed and responsive service that included driver training and more comprehensive customer care to ensure that our vehicles are always running in optimal condition.

Jamjoom Vehicles & Equipment (JVE) was able to respond to these expectations and we’ve been extremely satisfied with the support they have provided.

In addition, aquaculture ponds are close to the ocean and tend to be hard environments for vehicles because of the high humidity and salinity, but our Hino trucks haven’t given us any trouble. They are extremely tough and this has been a big help for us. Furthermore, we also give Hino trucks high marks for their driving performance.

Right now the biggest challenge we face is securing and training high-quality mechanics and vehicle operators. JVE has been a great help when it comes to training mechanics in our workshops and in conducting driver-training sessions to advise our people about safe and eco-driving practices. Our company fully intends to further harness Hino’s diverse and robust support to solve an array of challenges.