Hino Service and Quality Help Bring Our Vision to Life

Owner's Voice


Deen Brothers Imports (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr. M.N.M. Najeeb Deen
CEO/Managing Director

Our company imports and sells power tools and electric tools through a sales network that spans Sri Lanka. We are proud to be number one in our industry out of the more than 40 companies with which we compete domestically. A total of 34 of the vehicles in our 40-truck fleet that we use to make deliveries to dealers are Hino brand vehicles. In fact, we have purchased Hino trucks every year since 2011. In the past we purchased trucks from different Japanese vehicle manufacturers. In all honesty, the companies’ after service was extremely poor and they did not live up to our expectations. We were looking for attention to detail in the form of top-notch service such as the providing of overall care to keep our vehicles operating in optimal condition or high-quality driver training.

Our company’s top priority continues to be providing our customers with the best possible service. In our business, service is of paramount importance. On this point I feel that Hino is incredibly aligned with us, epitomizing what it means to offer “good service and good products.” I believe that the customer service provided by Toyota Lanka’s Hino Division is the best in the country. In fact, currently, at the request of Toyota Lanka we are acting as a Hino brand ambassador. We are extremely satisfied with both Hino products and service. As such, we of course purchase Hino for our company’s business, but we also actively recommend Hino to truck users and acquaintances in our region.

Our ongoing efforts have resulted in accolades. In 2017, our company received two Silver Awards* from the Sri Lankan government in recognition of our excellent product and service offerings. In short, this acknowledged our fervent wish to be of service to customers—and it is Hino quality and service that enable us to do so.

In addition, our corporate philosophy is “to do things in a different way that is not the normal way.” Indeed, our ongoing donations to schools are an extension of this philosophy. We are proud to carry on such activities with the aim of developing and sustaining the community in which we operate.

*We received two Silver Awards, one recognizing us for excellent service at the national level and the other for excellent service in the nation’s southern province. The awards are given by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries in Sri Lanka.