Hino Reduces Maintenance Costs, So We Recommend Hino Vehicles to Customers

Owner's Voice


Kingfisher LOGISTIC (PVT) LTD.

(Thamalu Group)
Mr. Ajantha N. Nallaperuma
Managing Director

As a member of the Thamalu Group, which operates a diverse range of businesses in Sri Lanka ranging from transport and hotels to finance and leisure, our primary business is truck rentals. In addition, we also undertake activities including making donations as part of our efforts to achieve sustainable growth working with the local community.

Our company has made customer satisfaction the cornerstone of our business and we offer long-term rental services of up to five years. We have a fleet of 89 trucks, 11 of which are Hino vehicles, and have been purchasing Hino trucks every year since 2015.

The impetus behind our Hino purchases was our relationship with Toyota Lanka’s Mr. Nalin Ranatunga. He paid frequent visits to our company and showed extreme attention to detail in his service, responses and suggestions. Through this relationship we have come to develop a deep and strong trust in Hino.

Our rental vehicles log an average of between 6,000 to 8,000 kilometers each month. In addition, Sri Lanka still has many unpaved and poorly maintained roads, but our Hino vehicles so far have not incurred any significant maintenance costs. At the same time, many of our vehicle operators hold Hino vehicles in particularly high regard for their toughness and comfortable ride compared to other trucks in our fleet—including other trucks from Japan. For this reason, we recommend Hino to our customers as much as possible.

At our company, as part of diversifying our business, we have launched a tire distributor business. In the near future, we also plan to establish a logistics company. I would like to see us work together with Hino to become Sri Lanka’s top logistics solutions company.