Vehicle Operators Full of Pride behind the Wheels of Hino Trucks

Owner's Voice



Dr. Buddika Prasanna Raddalgoda
Managing Director

Established in 1960, our company makes traditional Sri Lankan herbal medicines. In addition to medicines, we also manufacture herbal teas and other products. I am a seventh- generation doctor of Eastern medicine. The recipes for our herbal medicines have been handed down within my family from generation to generation, with our oldest recipe being about 200 years old. We deliver our products nationwide using our own trucks and also export our products. Currently, we own 21 trucks, of which five are Hino vehicles. Our company has been using Hino trucks since 2011.

We own other makes of trucks including Japanese trucks, but we prefer to use Hino vehicles because of their great comfort and fuel economy. Just two weeks ago we placed an order for another Hino truck. We have 20 vehicle operators in our company. All of them are very proud to be driving Hino vehicles because of their superior ride and comfort. Moreover, our company’s products come in glass bottles and are otherwise fragile. We have high praise for Hino trucks because their spacious cargo areas mean efficiency in transport and with the optional stabilizer (sometimes called an anti-roll bar) we can ensure that our products arrive where they need to be undamaged. With the mutual growth of both our company and Hino in mind, I’m fully intent on continuing to use Hino vehicles into the future.