Hino Meets Expectations in the Armored Vehicle Sector.

Owner's Voice


SBV Services (Pty) Ltd

Mr. Malcolm Glennie
Head of Fleet Management

Founded in 1986, SBV Services is a leading provider of cash services and solutions mainly in South Africa. It has over 40 centers and a fleet of more than 800 armored vehicles.

“SBV is essentially a cash handling business. We deliver and collect cash mostly for banks but also retail companies,” explains Head of Fleet Management Malcolm Glennie.

Security plays a primary role in design of the armored vehicle and its systems, quality and robustness.

“We were able to seamlessly marry the security systems and the armoring onto the Hino chassis,” says Mr. Glennie. “This enabled us to eliminate virtually all of the problems we had in the past integrating the armoring and the systems onto the original chassis.”

Hino’s extensive dealer network also means that SBV can service the armored vehicles nationwide.

“The ability of Hino to service our needs is de nitely a very big plus,” says Mr. Glennie. “In addition, we have very good relationships with the Hino Division of Toyota South Africa Motors and the Hino West Rand dealership. After-sales support has been very good and it’s one of the reasons we’ve stayed with the Hino brand.”

Currently, SBV has approximately 470 Hino units, about half of its armored truck fleet

“Our aim is to standardize so we’re essentially using Hino as our main truck supplier,” says Mr. Glennie. “SBV’s fleet works incredibly hard, operating throughout the day at full capacity without turning off. Hino trucks are extremely reliable and we have very good uptime in terms of vehicle availability,” explains Mr. Glennie. “In addition, Hino meets our expectations in terms of fuel consumption, cost per kilometer, repairs, maintenance, tire costs, and running costs. The relationship we have with Hino is de nitely something we hope to maintain going forward.”