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Owner's Voice


Elinar, LLC

Mr. Yury Borisenko

The history of the Elinar group of companies began in 1879. Elinar got its start in the village of Ateptsevo when a merchant named I.I. Aleshin founded a small factory to produce wrapping paper. This plant formed the foundation upon which the Elinar of today was built. With time came development, modernization, and expansion including new plants and subsidiaries in countries around the world. Over 140 years, the company has grown into a large international agro-industrial holding operating in three main areas: industry (electrical products, fiberglass, plastic products, packaging materials), agriculture (poultry, livestock and plant production) and development (the Elinar group of companies is actively developing large-scale projects in the Moscow region, the Kotovo Industrial District, the Rozhdestvo Industrial Park, renting residential and industrial facilities and selling plots of land). At present, the company is developing very dynamically, and the transportation carried out by Elinar LLC, as a member of the Elinar group, is an extremely important element of the group’s activities.

“The company transports broiler meat, which to maintain freshness must be delivered to network logistics centers at the beginning of the day without delay. We simply cannot be late,” says Yury Borisenko, director of Elinar LLC. “Hino trucks are very reliable, and this is extremely important for us. We now have 26 Hino trucks, each traveling about 300 kilometers daily.”

Partnering with Hino has provided Elinar with reliable vehicles. “Hino trucks practically never break down,” Yury Borisenko says. “Besides this, Hino is a part of the Toyota Group of companies, and Toyota products are known in Russia for their durability and excellent quality, which is very important for us.”

Top management at Elinar places high priority on cutting-edge technologies too. We strive to make possible the production and sale of products that are globally competitive. We’ve stressed using state-of-the-art technology in considering trends in corporate development. We would like to use the best technologies in the world in the field of commercial vehicles, and Hino has them,” says Yury Borisenko. “But beyond that, Hino dealers are very attentive and constantly keep in touch with us, to find out if we have any problems or difficulties. Hino offers exceedingly high-level support if an issues arises with a Hino vehicle. This gives us peace of mind. The dealers are very professional, and we feel that relationships with them are mutually beneficial.”

Moving forward, the company Elinar will continue to develop its business producing meat V products. “This means that we will be transporting more volume,” says Yury Borisenko. h “However, we must remember that the cost of transport directly affects the price of products. P We hope that Hino, as a valuable partner, will be able to help us remain competitive while b continuing to provide us with help and support in terms of price and other areas.”