Hino Always Ensures On-Time Delivery

Owner's Voice


Sladkaya Zhizn Plus, LLC

Mr. Alexander Savinov
Head of Transport

Sweet Life is a large holding company specializing in the supply of food and beverage products. The company serves 7,000 customers via 3,000 store chains by making 33,000 deliveries each month. The company makes deliveries using light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks.

“As a transport company, trucks help us achieve our daily goals. And to provide the best for our customers, we need the best trucks,” Sweet Life Head of Transport Alexander Savinov explains. “Currently, we have 150 HINO300 Series vehicles.”

“Since each truck makes an average of 1.5 rounds per day, comfort and reliability are key. Our drivers are satisfied with Hino trucks because they are apleasure to operate,” says Mr. Savinov. “The trucks are also among the most reliable too with no concerns about fuel systems, a common issue in Russia.”

“Hino belonging to the Toyota Group also is an advantage for Sweet Life because Toyota is renowned in Russia for the quality and durability of its products,” Mr. Savinov explains.

Since purchasing its first Hino truck in 2012, Sweet Life has been pleased with the cost of ownership. “Hino trucks offer the best cost performance around, since they cost less to use per kilometer,” says Mr. Savinov. “Moreover, Hino dealers help us find appropriate maintenance depots, which is a real bonus.”

Sweet Life is committed to growing its business by attracting new customers in new markets and regions. “We are quite sure that as we grow so will our truck fleet. We also plan to replace old models, so Hino will be increasingly important for us,” Mr. Savinov says. “We are just waiting for Hino to introduce telematics services to its trucks. We would gladly be the first company to test these,” he says.