A Philosophy Closely Aligned with Hino’s

Owner's Voice


Torgovyi dom VKT, LLC

Ms. Irina Shchukina, Executive Director
Mr. Vladimir Yablonsky, Chief of Transport Division

VKT distributes food products to store chains, big and small. Since 1992, for 27 years, we have been distributing products to retail shops in the districts of Nizhny Novgorod and Privolzhskii Federal. In the past, we used vehicles made in Russia. As the company’s business started to grow, VKT decided to invest in foreign trucks due to their better quality.

“VKT has been purchasing Hino trucks since 2012 and we now have 45 in our fleet,” explains VKT’s Executive Director Irina Shchukina. “Hino’s philosophy fits closely with our ethos emphasizing ‘loyalty, quality, and tradition.’ Our key criteria for selecting vehicles is product quality.’”

“Each truck makes deliveries to around 15 to 20 stores each trip. We are glad to have Hino trucks because they are so comfortable and reliable. It is paramount that our customers receive their food products on time. That is why we place a premium on stability and reliabilityinvehicleuse. Hinotruckshardlyeverbreakdown,sothere’snoneedfor additional repairs or extra time in service,” says Ms. Shchukina. “That makes planning work and deliveries easy and enables us to provide a high level of service to customers.”

For VKT, it was very important to use Japan-made trucks. “Russian customers trust Japanese products because of their high quality and durability,” says VKT’s Transport Division Chief Vladimir Yablonsky. “We love Hino’s powerful engines, model design, comfortable cabin, and excellent refrigerated storage.”

VKT also delivers to schools and hospitals that are only accessible via narrow roads including as far as the district of Nizhny Novgorod. The exceptional maneuverability of Hino trucks makes them perfect for this task, according to the company.

Safety is another critical issue for VKT because road conditions are sometimes poor in Russia. “As a company we place great emphasis on the safety of our employees. We find Hino trucks to be very safe for reasons including the disk brakes on the rear axle,” Mr. Yablonsky says. “Safety is one of Hino’s biggest advantages.”

Looking forward, VKT seeks to develop further its business, enhance technology increase sales, and find new customers and delivery channels. “We also plan to replace our old trucks because we want our fleet to stay modern and reliable so we can always deliver our goods without delay. We are committed to ensuring that both ourselves and our partners do not fall behind the times and making it possible to succeed in business.” Ms. Shchukina says. “Moreover, we want to diversify our business and provide outsourcing logistic and warehousing services for large companies. We want to develop our online sales, expand delivery areas, and increase sales destinations.”