Hino Reduces Maintenance Costs, So We Recommend Hino Vehicles to Customers

Owner's Voice



Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Le, General Director
One of the member companies: Nhat Truong
Vinh Logistic Joint Stock Company
Mr. Truong Quang Van, Director of Transportation

Nhat Truong Vinh Group is known as a leading trader of steel pipes, shaped steel, water accessories, and fire protection products nationwide but in Ho Chi Minh in particular.

As a first-class distribution agent for Maruichi Sun Steel Company, Hoa Phat, SeAh and directly importing steel from overseas, the company diligently monitors the quality of products and, its prices, shipping to the construction site, and customer warehouses.

Diversification of business lines is also a long-term strategy of Nhat Truong Vinh Group, which always takes the initiative in transportation vehicles to best serve customers. With that motto, we have established member companies: Nhat Truong Vinh Logistics Co., Ltd, belonging to Nhat Truong Vinh Group and have invested in over 30 trucks with crane equipment to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. For these, our company chooses Hino brand trucks. The advantages of Hino trucks are their spacious interior, smooth operation, and elegant cabin design. In addition, the engine capacity of Hino trucks suits Vietnamese traffic conditions, enabling the convenient and fuel-efficient transport of iron and steel goods while making our business as effective as possible.

We are very satisfied with Hino’s after-sales service and that of Truong Long Dealer, which provides us with warranty and quick support whenever necessary.

With many years of management experience in the field of transport, Director Truong Quang Van, of Nhat Truong Vinh Logistics was very confident that Hino was the right choice. At his suggestions, the Board of Directors decided to invest in Hino trucks. The results attest to Hino’s high quality and efficiency and the rare incidence of failure.

In the future, we hope to continue to enjoy cooperation and support from
Hino as well as Truong Long dealer as we continue to use Hino trucks for our