Hino Has Helped to Enhance Our Brand

Owner's Voice


Saigon Beer Transportation
Joint Stock Company

Mr. Nguyen Hoai Bac
Vice President

We transport Saigon Beer, which has 40% share of the beer market in Vietnam. Established more than 90 years ago, the company is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh and has three branches in the country. We deliver Saigon Beer from 26 plants to 63 provinces around Vietnam.

Previously, we used trucks made in China, France, the U.S., Russia and elsewhere, but since 2014 we have been using Hino vehicles. Today we own 80 of them. There are two key reasons we opted to go with Hino vehicles. First, market demand for our beverages skyrocketed on to the heels of rapid economic growth from 2014 to 2015. We needed new trucks, but we also wanted to go with a brand of vehicle that would improve our corporate value. In Vietnam, Japanese brands are held in high esteem for their reliability.

Introducing Hino vehicles to our fleet helped to enhance our brand image. In addition, new regulations on overloading that took effect in 2015 drove us to focus on Hino trucks for their durability, economy, and high quality. I believe that if you compare Hino trucks against other brands, you’ll find it is the best-made Japanese truck. I believe this validates the trust we place in the brand.

We greatly appreciate Hino’s high-quality after-sales service. We really can’t comment on Hino’s repair service because, although we’ve been operating Hino trucks for four years, we haven’t had a single breakdown, so we haven’t had to take them in for repairs. This is proof of Hino’s high quality. Currently, the aspect of Hino that we most value is the driver training, which the truck operators are eager to take. They take great pride in being able to operate Hino trucks that are always in good condition, safe, and get great fuel economy.