Some of Our Drivers will Only Drive a Hino

Owner's Voice


Van Cong Thanh Transportation-
Trading-Services Co., Ltd

Ms. Phan Thi Ngoc Thanh

Our company is a transport service partner and supplier for leading domestic and foreign companies in Vietnam. We transport beverages for companies including Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam, dairy products for Vinamilk, TTC Bien Hoa – Dong Nai Co., Ltd, Frieslandcampina Vietnam Co., Ltd, Uniben Joint Stock Company, Heineken Vietnam Brewery Co., Ltd., etc., and many other prominent brands with echoes in the marketplace. Currently, we operate a fleet of 111 Hino trucks out of a total of 387 vehicles.

The reason our company chooses to use Hino vehicles is because we want to sign long-term transportation contracts with major companies under optimal conditions. Although Hino vehicles are comparatively costly to introduce and that impacts our transport expenses, but our current customers have been

willing to accept these conditions. The reason is that these customers hold the Hino brand in such high regard. Hino vehicles are safe and durable, even during intense weather conditions and over long distances. I believe that with Hino, we can safely transport our cargo while maintaining its quality and arrive on time. Our drivers have immense trust in our Hino trucks. “Being able to drive a Hino is one of the aspirations of so many drivers, so Van Cong Thanh has been striving to convert all our trucks into 100% Hino trucks.”

We intend to continue to enhance our corporate value by using Hino vehicles to further improve our company’s high-quality and customer-oriented service. By using Hino trucks, I believe that we can appeal to our customers and general consumers by offering high-quality transport for high-quality cargo. I continue to have high expectations for Hino in the future as well.