Peace of Mind with Hino
Always ‘Just in Time,

Owner's Voice



Mr. Zhong Zhaoguang, President

Since South Trade was established in 1998, we have expanded across a wide range of business sectors including logistics, real estate, factory construction, warehouse management, and investing. Among these, our core business is our logistics business, which primarily services our partner Japanese steel manufacturer JFE by transporting sheet metal and coils. We annually transport about 1 million tons per year.

The initial reason that we decided to go with the highly reliable Hino brand was because we count many Japanese companies among our customers. Currently, we operate a fleet of 50 Hino vehicles when you include those of our subcontractors. Indeed, all of the vehicles we operate our Hino except for vehicles for special uses.

Customers want just-in-time operations. Adhering faithfully to the delivery schedule is of immense value. The low incidence of problems during operation has helped Hino vehicles earn a high level of trust.

Underpinning this is the strength of products that do not break down, but a second reason is that the dealers also maintain and support them properly just in time. We are grateful because any problem that may arise is quickly resolved.

I actually dream of one day outfitting a Hino truck with a mobile home for people to be able to travel all around China, although such a vehicle has yet to be made. In any case, I want to continue to convey the goodness of Hino vehicles to customers in China.