Relying on Hino Products and Support to Ensure Reliable

Owner's Voice



Mr. Zhang Huanxin, Vice President
Mr. Huang Hongzhong, Manager of Equipment Department

NANCHU is the leading transporter of rare metals such as aluminum ingots and copper plates, annually transporting more than 1 million tons in cargo. Our business requires reliable transport of high-value freight exceeding millions of yuan per load with short lead times. These demands are precisely the reason that leads us to opt for the high quality and peace of mind that comes with the Hino brand. In China, many companies operate cheaper, domestic-made trucks, but when you take a step back and look at the investment from a mid to long-term point of view, the benefits are readily apparent of operating Hino trucks, which rarely have problems or break down. In particular, in the business of transporting goods over great distances, Hino boasts more experience than others.

Some 86 the 105 vehicles we have in the South China region are Hino trucks. The local dealer is especially responsive and ensures speedy delivery as well as prompt and reliable after-sales service. Our company operates around the clock and whenever we have an emergency, they are there to respond to our needs.

In addition, our company places great importance on the safety of drivers. As a result, we are very grateful to Hino for dispatching trainers to provide driver safety training to the people behind the wheels of our vehicles.

Moving forward, it is clear that our business environment will experience great change, and we hope that GHMC and local partners will continue to make efforts to keep improving maintenance and customer support.