Hino Fleet Grows from 30 to 80 Vehicles to
Support Our Growth

Owner's Voice



Mr. Qiu Jinwen, President

Our company started operating in 2013 and over the past six years we have been rapidly expanding our operations. Initially, they came highly recommended and we purchased 30 Hino trucks at once, surprising everyone. They have continued to operate in spectacular condition, day and night without breaking down at all. Currently, we’ve increased our fleet of Hino vehicles to 80, and are the largest owner of Hino vehicles in our area. Drivers heap praise on the Hino vehicles and we frequently hear comments about the strength of the frame and engine. In addition, regional data show that the county where we are located - Huidong County of Guangdong Province - has the lowest rate of vehicle accidents. Indeed, this data might in part demonstrate the advantages of Hino when it comes to safety on the road.

In China, a surge in safety awareness has authorities becoming stricter when it comes to trucks carrying excessive loads. In practice, this means that transport could be completed in with one load and one trip now takes two or three. Initially, we knew it would take time to receive Hino vehicles we had on order so we bought 10 four-axle trucks with high load-carrying capacity from another company. Now that we’ve finally received our Hino trucks, we’re looking to sell the other brand of trucks we bought which break down frequently. The bodybuilder Huizhou Jili uses genuine parts and does a great job of maintaining our trucks. As a result, we are able to operate with very few problems or breakdowns.

In the future, the Greater Bay Area plan will bring Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau into the same economic sphere, and we are intent on harnessing the incredible performance and appeal of Hino to increase our operations in these areas.