We’ve basically entrusted Hino with the fate of our company.

Owner's Voice



Nobuyuki HASEGAWA , President

Mechanically we have no concerns whatsoever.
Rather, we are focused on safety.
We would like Hino to put even more thought into safety features as soon as practical to minimize damage in the unlikely event that a driver has an accident.

In short, we would like them to manufacture the “perfect” truck.

The first truck we bought when we started our company in 1980 was a Hino.
I’ve always felt that Hino trucks are the safest and best choice.
They rarely have problems, have great fuel economy, and the oil level doesn’t decrease much.
So, we have increased our fleet of Hino over time.

We have Hino service our vehicles.

This reason Hino knows the vehicles best and can service them quickly.

There is peace of mind having Hino work on our vehicles.

We need to keep our vehicles on the road so we leave our servicing to Hino because they take full responsibility for making that happen.

That’s the way we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.

We have a fleet of about 60 vehicles now. We operate everything from small box trucks to two-ton, four-ton, and large trailer trucks.

We try to maintain a diverse fleet and ask Hino to make trucks that are easy for customers to use and make our jobs easier.

Hino is a straight-talking company with integrity .
Honestly, Hino vehicles might have a higher price point, but the reliability they offer is unbeatable.

The dependability of both Hino vehicles and the post-sales follow-up are both great.

Reports from my managers often note how Hino responds rapidly and goes above and beyond to take care of us.
We’ve never had any problems with Hino service .
They also consider our position in terms of cost, giving us options in terms of repairs—an approach we very much appreciate.

Our company would not exist without our drivers.
Moreover, we transport products that customers have worked hard to create to other valued customers.

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority.
Indeed, our company is united with putting drivers first.

Hino has also built an amazing service center nearby so, if something happens, it is easy for drivers to visit on the way back.

It feels like my primary doctor has moved next door,
which of course comes with a great sense of security.

Taking good care of our vehicles is the same as taking good care of our people because they operate together.
We want our people to be able to work without worry and do their jobs right.
Recently, I’ve been asking Hino to further evolve the safety features.
I always request Hino to equip the vehicles we buy with any and all safety features available as an option.

We are supplied with good vehicles that make our drivers happy and being provided a good vehicle, they do their best. As a result,
our company can stay in business.

It may be a strange way to phrase it, but

in the transportation business I view vehicles as the weapons we use to do business.
And by using better trucks, employees can both enjoy work more and have greater peace of mind.

In short, I think it’s hard to win with outdated “weapons,”
Especially given the incredible advances in vehicles recently.

Someday I hope to have trucks that can converse. They could tell the drivers when it’s time for a break or when they seem tired.
After all, driving a truck can be lonely work.

I think this is an area where they can have fun features and safer vehicles. I’d love it if Hino developed something along those lines soon.

I always expect Hino to develop things that exceed my expectations.

Employees rave about the design. Drivers that have to use other brands often request that their next truck be a Hino.
Right now, about 90% of our fleet is Hino.

We rely on Hino for our trucks and for any service and repairs.
We’ve basically entrusted Hino with the fate of our company.