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Added Value for Customers in Two Areas:
Maximizing Uptime and Minimizing Lifetime Cost

By keeping customer trucks and buses operating in optimal condition, Hino Total Support strives to offer customers value on two fronts: maximizing vehicle uptime and minimizing lifetime cost. Maximizing uptime means reducing downtime due to breakdowns or repairs to contribute to maintaining vehicles in good condition so they are ready for customers to use when needed. Hino’s signature Total Support service also contributes to enhanced safety and can reduce costs over the long term to help increase resale value and help customers get the absolute most out of their Hino vehicles.

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New ICT* Service

Service offering and content may vary by country and vehicle model.

HINO-CONNECT, a communication tool linking customers with Hino, is a service that supports the normal operation of trucks and buses via communications terminals installed in vehicles.
Featuring a dedicated website for customers and various types of notification functions, this service provides appropriate and prompt response when an unexpected problem occurs.
Additionally, it provides reports that can be used as guides for fuel-saving and safe operation.
HINO-CONNECT offers wide-ranging support for customers' vehicles, from everyday operation to emergency response.
This support includes using information collected from vehicles in areas such as making proposals for preventive maintenance.
*ICT stands for information and communication technology

HINO Smart Driving

Safety and Eco Driving Programs

Hino holds training and conducts test-driving for customers to contribute to reducing both accidents and fuel costs. In the driver training, experienced instructors ride in the cab as customers drive a truck or bus, offering advice to enhance driving skills and vehicle performance.
Participants are able to confirm the characteristics of the truck or bus, using an actual vehicle. They have expressed surprise at the enhanced fuel economy and reduction in accidents after participating in the training program.
Hino program offerings and availability may vary by country.

HINO Technicians

A global team of talented techs

Hino technicians around the world work to keep Hino vehicles in top condition and on the road - where our customers need them to be. Hino programs, including a global Hino technician qualification system, develop technicians who possess unsurpassed knowledge and skills. Hino technical training constantly raises the bar so that technician skills develop hand-in-hand with advancements in Hino vehicles and technology. The unsurpassed expertise Hino technicians bring to working on Hino vehicles make them and your local Hino dealer the natural choice to receive unrivaled service to keep your vehicle running smoothly and operating safely into the future.

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