The Hino Group


  • Fukushima Steel Work Co., Ltd.

    Automotive casting, construction machinery casting, railway car casting, etc.
  • Riken Forge Co., Ltd.

    Production and sale of forgings and dies for forging
  • Sohshin Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of trailer parts such as coupling devices and air tanks
  • Takebe Tekkosho Co., Ltd.

    Assembly and manufacture of chassis frames for various buses and trucks
  • Trantechs, Ltd.

    Various truck bodies and bus parts, etc.
  • Meiyu Kiko Co., Ltd.

    Development, design and manufacture of automotive parts and electrical-related parts, and the development, production and construction of agricultural facility materials
  • Hino Engineering Annex, Ltd.

    Remodeling and maintenance of trucks and buses
  • Hino Logistics and Packing, Ltd.

    Loading/unloading, packaging/packing, in-house logistics and other incidental operations of automotive parts, warehousing, and logistics-related consulting
  • Hino Hutech Co., Ltd.

    Contract design work, technical outsourcing, facility operation, dormitory management, etc.
  • Hino Technical Service Co., Ltd.

    Automobile technical data production (instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, new vehicle manuals, parts catalogs) and various design production (printed matter, websites, videos, novelties)
  • Hino Trading, Ltd.

    Truck and bus parts, plant equipment, insurance and travel products
  • Hino U-Truck & Engineering, Ltd.

    Domestic sales of used cars and parts, contract design of engines, transmissions and laboratory equipment
  • Hino Computer System Co., Ltd.

    Development, maintenance and operation of systems (from design, procurement and manufacture to sale)
  • Hino Harmony, Ltd.

    Cleaning, collection/shipping of postal mail, light work
  • Saichu Co., Ltd.

  • Yoshizawa Ironworks Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture and sale of automobiles, construction machinery and railway forgings
  • Serio Co., Ltd.

    Production of major bus parts, etc.
  • Nissha Butsuryu Co., Ltd.

    Special spec vehicle work, parts processing, assembly, refrigerator/gate installation, packing/shipping, warehousing, etc.


  • Koshin Seikosho, Ltd.

    Manufacture and supply of parts for railroad vehicles, hydraulic products, parts for trucks and parts for industrial machinery
  • Horikiri, Inc.

    Manufacture and sale of suspension springs, machine springs and precision springs
  • Saitama Kiki, Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture and supply of truck and bus-related products, industrial machinery-related products and railway-related products
  • Sankyo Radiator Co., Ltd.

    Development and manufacture of automotive heat exchangers such as radiators
  • Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd.

    Development and manufacture of automotive electrical components, portable generators and small electric refrigerators, etc.
  • Okamoto Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Packing, storage, customs clearance and transportation of automobile parts and products, etc.
  • Chiyoda Unyu Co.,Ltd.

    General motor truck transportation, contract land transportation of various automobiles, warehousing, consigned freight forwarding, transport agency, and the purchase and sale of various automobiles and automotive parts
  • J-Bus Ltd.

    Manufacture of buses and parts supply, bus body design and development for Hino and Isuzu


Hino Manufacturing

Products & Technology 2018.12.20

Hino manufacturing

Here we introduce the efforts of Hino Motors in manufacturing
In addition to interview videos, we profile the new Koga plant in Ibaraki Prefecture.
The Koga plant is a state-of-the-art factory where innovative production technology and production lines have been actively introduced.

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Dakar Rally 10th Straight Win Dakar dally

Dakar Rally 2019.1.25

HINO500 Series Truck Clinches 10th Straight Win in the Under 10-litre Class!Dakar Rally 2019 Comes to a Close.

The HINO500 Series truck Car 2 crewed by the Teruhito Sugawara and Katsumi Hamura duo of HINO TEAM SUGAWARA―the only Japanese team racing in the trucks category―finished at 9th place in the category overall and extended its record of straight wins in the Under 10-litre Class to ten.

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Safety & automated driving

Products & Technology 2019.1.30

Hino’s safety & automated driving technologies

To achieve its goal of "zero truck and bus traffic accident casualties," Hino Motors is striving to improve safety from many aspects.
Under the concept of "total safety," Hino is promoting efforts to increase safety at each stage, including operations management, preventive safety, and collision safety for when things go wrong.
We also believe it is important to widely disseminate the safety technologies that we develop, and we promote rapid installation of practical technology into our products, to be fitted as standard.

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To establish a development and production base in Thailand for best-fit products

News 2019.2.1

To establish a development and production base in Thailand for best-fit products to strengthen its buisiness foundation in ASEAN

To responds to customer needs in close proximity, will be taking steps in Thailand, one of our key centers of operation, to accelerate our efforts to strengthen our business foundation in ASEAN.

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