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Message from the President

We provide customers worldwide with products optimally suited to their needs, and we help our customers make the most of their HINO trucks and buses by providing comprehensive follow-up service in the spirit of “Total Support.”

Hino Credo

Here we present our corporate mission at the Hino Group and the thinking behind the Hino Motors symbol.

Who We Are

Basic information on Hino Motors such as company outline, basic idea, Hino action guidelines, etc. can be seen.

As of March 31, 2019


  • 1917 Successful prototype of Japanese – made trucks.

    Type TGE-A truck
  • 1942 The Hino plant of Diesel Motor Industry Co., Ltd was made independent as Hino Heavy Industries Inc.

    Hino Heavy Industries Inc. Full view
  • 1953 Japan’s first center under-floor engine bus
    Release of "Blue Ribbon" box-type bus

    Type BD10 Blue Ribbon bus
  • 1971 Launch of the Red Engine,
    with superior fuel consumption, reliability,
    and durability

    ED100 engine
  • 1991 Release of world-first* hybrid vehicle

    * The world's first commercially available hybrid vehicle was released as a urban transit bus.

    HIMR bus
  • 1997 Hino monopolizes the Dakar Rally,
    winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the truck category

    1997 Dakar Rally
  • 1999 Release of hybrid vehicle

    First-generation DUTRO
  • 2004 HINO 600 Series released for North America

    HINO 600 Series
  • 2006 World-first* Pre-Collision System (PCS)**
    installed in HINO PROFIA

    * World's first commercialization as commercial vehicles(As of 2016. In-house research.)
    **PCS =Pre-Collision System."PCS" is used for function explanation only.

  • 2012 Operations began at Koga plant
    (Ibaraki Prefecture)

    Opening Ceremony at Koga plant
  • 2017 Full model change for HINO PROFIA heavy-duty truck and HINO RANGER medium-duty truck

    HINO PROFIA heavy-duty truck,HINO RANGER medium-duty truck


Hino Manufacturing

Products & Technology 2018.12.20

Hino manufacturing

Here we introduce the efforts of Hino Motors in manufacturing
In addition to interview videos, we profile the new Koga plant in Ibaraki Prefecture.
The Koga plant is a state-of-the-art factory where innovative production technology and production lines have been actively introduced.

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Hino Total Support Customer Center

Total Support 2019.4.15

"Hino Total Support Customer Center" in Malaysia

The Hino Total Support Customer Center, our first permanent overseas driver training facility, offers training programs to customer aiming to provide "Total support customized for each vehicle."

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Showcase a Concept Model and Other Exhibits that Enable Super Versatile Optimization of Lifestyles at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

News 2019.10.9

Our rich and sustainable future as envisioned by Hino to be expressed in an animation

Hino Motors Ltd. will be exhibiting a concept model that will enable us to super versatilely optimize our lifestyles, as well as the “HINO Profia Hybrid” truck equipped with the world's first technology released this year in June at the “46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019” (organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association) held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from Thursday, October 24th thru Monday (holiday), November 4th.

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Safety & automated driving

Products & Technology 2019.1.30

Hino’s safety & automated driving technologies

To achieve its goal of "zero truck and bus traffic accident casualties," Hino Motors is striving to improve safety from many aspects.
Under the concept of "total safety," Hino is promoting efforts to increase safety at each stage, including operations management, preventive safety, and collision safety for when things go wrong.
We also believe it is important to widely disseminate the safety technologies that we develop, and we promote rapid installation of practical technology into our products, to be fitted as standard.

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