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"I can lead you to the doors of adventure, but it is up to you to open them." Thierry Sabine

The Dakar Rally was launched in 1978 by a young and adventurous Frenchmen named Thierry Sabine. In its early years, the race was called the Paris-Dakar Rally because it started in the French capital of Paris and ended in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. After political instability and uncertainties in Africa forced the race to be cancelled in 2008, organizers relocated to the event to South America, where the race was held subsequently as the Dakar Rally.

Competitors vie to see who can complete a nearly 10,000-km punishing course in the shortest time over two weeks traversing desert, dunes, muddy fields, wilderness and more. Known as the world’s most grueling rally event, it is not uncommon to have fewer than 50% of entrants complete the race. This major event attracts attention from around the world, igniting in competitors a fervent desire to test their mettle with more than 300 vehicles from 50 countries competing each year across five divisions: a bike division, quad (buggy) division, car division, SSV (side by side vehicle) division, and truck division.

2020 Race Data (Source: Event Organizer)

No. of vehicles competing 342
Bike Division 144
Quad (buggy) Division 23
Car Division 83
SSV (Side by Side Vehicle) Division 46
Truck Division 46
Countries where Dakar Rally broadcast 190
TV airtime 1,200
Reporters covering race on site 1,900
Facebook page followers 2,200,000
Twitter account followers 460,000

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BYD and Hino sign a strategic business alliance agreement with a focus on Commercial Battery Electric Vehicles development

News 2020.4.23

BYD and Hino sign a strategic business alliance agreement with a focus on Commercial Battery Electric Vehicles development

BYD Company Ltd. and Hino Motors, Ltd. signed a strategic business alliance agreement today with a focus on collaborating in commercial battery electric vehicles (BEVs) development.

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Hino Total Support Customer Center

Total Support 2019.4.15

"Hino Total Support Customer Center" in Malaysia

The Hino Total Support Customer Center, our first permanent overseas driver training facility, offers training programs to customer aiming to provide "Total support customized for each vehicle."

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Asahi, Ezaki Glico, CHIYODA-UNYU, Trancom, U-netrans, and NEXT Logistics Japan To commercialize and launch a new scheme for trunk-route transportation.

New Activity Areas 2019.12.25

Companies to bring together know-how in this cross-industry collaboration as a first step toward solving logistics issues. Companies will be investing in NEXT Logistics Japan.

NEXT Logistics Japan Co., Ltd. , a subsidiary of Hino Motors, Ltd., will be joined by Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd., Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd., CHIYODA-UNYU Co.,Ltd., Trancom Co., Ltd., and U-netrans Co., Ltd to bring together the expertise and technologies of these companies involved in logistics, which include cargo owners, transport companies, freight-required/trucks-required service companies and vehicle manufacturers, with the objective of commercializing a new trunk-route transportation scheme to provide solutions to the escalating issues in logistics.

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Safety & automated driving

Products & Technology 2019.1.30

Hino’s safety & automated driving technologies

To achieve its goal of "zero truck and bus traffic accident casualties," Hino Motors is striving to improve safety from many aspects.
Under the concept of "total safety," Hino is promoting efforts to increase safety at each stage, including operations management, preventive safety, and collision safety for when things go wrong.
We also believe it is important to widely disseminate the safety technologies that we develop, and we promote rapid installation of practical technology into our products, to be fitted as standard.

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