Race Report 1991

First Paris-Dakar challenge and first finish for the Hino FTs!


Four Hino FTs were included in the linup among the 109 camions that gathered in Paris, the starting point, on December 29, 1990. This signaled the start of a unknown battle for the FTs. Then Hino Motors managing director Takashi Suzuki, general supervisor of the EQUIPE CAMION HINO team, stood in front of the four Hino FTs, including the two zebra-striped Mister FT and Miss FT, and, with forceful voice, stated that "we aim to complete the course with the pioneering spirit of Hino."

The route started in Paris and ended in Dakar, Senegal, after passing though Libya, Niger, Mali and Mauritania, covering a total distance of 9,186km. Would the long tough battle continuing on for 21 days snarl at the FTs in the unknown desert? Or would the still unseen nymphs of the desert lead the FTs along the Dakar coastline?

Though the FTs got off to a great start among the top ten leaders after arriving in Africa, truck no.3 fell into a hole early on. Later, on January 6, Chemarin, the driver of truck no.2, was injured while changing tires and dropped out of the competition while crossing the sand dunes in the Tenere Desert, considered to be one of the most difficult obstacles. This is the only time that a Hino FT failed to reach the goal in fourteen years of participation in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Other teams also began to experience problems with transmissions, axles and other components, compelling the mechanics to work late into the night making repairs for successive days and nights.

Though minor problems were sustained during the latter half, the Hino FTs continued to make favorable progress and the Nema - Tichit - Kiffa leg, the final challenge, was also completed without incident. Then, on January 18, the three remaining Hino FTs appeared one after the other at Lac Rose in Dakar, the glorious goal that adorns the dreams of rally challengers. It was a historical moment that engraved the name Hino in the annals of the Paris-Dakar Rally. The curtain came down on the Paris-Dakar challenge of Team EQUIPE CAMION HINO with truck no.1, Mister FT (Josseau/Juinen team), placing seventh, truck no.3 (Reif/Deinhofer team) placing tenth and truck no.4 (Petit/Dubak team) placing 14th.


General supervisor: Takashi Suzuki
Supervisor: Mitsuaki Hirai
1st truck (Mister FT): J-P. Josseau (France)/G. Juinen (Belgium)
2nd truck (Miss FT): J-C. Chemarin (France)/Hideki Shibata
3rd truck (Hino Japan): J-P. Reif/J. Deinhofer (Austria)
4th truck: (assistant camion): J. Petit/A. Dubak (Belgium)
Total: 31

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Rank Number Driver Vehicle
1 500 Houssat Perlini
2 509 Goltsov Kamaz
3 510 Tamanca Kamaz
4 503 Loprais Tatra
5 504 Kahaneck Tatra
6 511 Marchenkov Kamaz
7 514 Josseau Hino FT
8 507 Leonard Mercedes
9 519 Canelas Pegaso
10 516 Reif Hino FT
14 517 Petit Hino FT

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