Race Report 1995

Proof of strength - Hino Rising Ranger runner-up for the 2nd year straight


The start of the 1995 Paris-Dakar Rally, the fifth challenge by the Hino Ranger, was shifted from the usual Paris to Granada, Spain. The competition started there on January 1 with the goal in Dakar to be reached on January 15 covering a total distance of 10,109km. The Hino Rising Ranger was tapped for the competition this time and its competitive strength was further improved through efforts to achieve a broad reduction in weight by shortening the rear overhang and other means. In addition, this was also the first time air mechanics, selected from Hino sales companies nationwide, were dispatched and the team of mechanics was also increased by four.

The Ranger, with footwork polished by the weight reduction, demonstrated excellent performance from the start, ending in fourth place in Morocco. Later, however, with the continuing ultra-high speed course, the large-displacement monster camions gradually pulled ahead, leaving the Ranger in sixth place at the end of the first half.

During the latter half, the Ranger, leading off toward victory on the sand dunes from the very first day, rallied remarkably, emerging in fourth place by the time it crossed Nega Pass, a well-known spot on the rally course. It later pulled ahead of a Tatra, moving up to third place, but, with only a slight time lead on the truck behind, a dead heat ensued that demanded constant rapt attention. The Ranger then recorded the best time as it spurted ahead in the SS passing through the tropical rainforest in Guinea. It pressed on aggressively in the long stage the next day, the 15th, finally winning a position in second place. Though the battle continued on to the bitter end, it ultimately finished in second place, achieving the prodigious feat of runner-up victory for the second year straight.


1st truck: Yoshimasa Sugawara, Katsumi Hamura, Hideki Shibata
Air mechanics: Jiro Kameda, Yoichiro Yagi, Masanobu Shimatsura (Shingujo Hino) and Takatoshi Fujimura (Fukuoka Hino)

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Rank Number Driver Vehicle
1 411 Loprais Tatra
2 407 Yoshimasa Sugawara Hino Ranger
3 414 Pftier Tatra
4 401 Versino Mercedes
5 420 Bauler Mercedes
6 400 Bosonnet Mercedes
7 439 Periche Mercedes
8 457 Hergey Mercedes

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