Race Report 1996

1-2 finish in the category with new aluminum body truck!


Hino Motors again reinforced the team organization. Two Rising Rangers equipped with new model J080 engines and aluminum bodies were brought in and the team was also renamed the TEAM RANGER HINO. Truck no. 1 again had Yoshimasa Sugawara at the wheel and Hideki Shibata, who had a wealth of experience as a navigator, was chosen as driver of the second truck, which had a support role. In addition, Naoko Matsumoto, who served as navigator of truck no. 1, became the first Japanese woman to participate in the Camion category.

As in the previous year, the route started in Granada, Spain, and ended in Dakar, Senegal, after passing through Morocco, Mauritania, Mali and Guinea, a total distance of 7,579km. Though the distance itself was shorter, it was a tough course with relatively few liaisons and it was generally thought that victory would be decided in Stage 6 in Mauritania. Moreover, the Camion category was divided into that year by displacement into Class 1, under 10 liters, and Class 2, 10 or more liters, and the Ranger was assigned to Class 1 together with the Unimog and other vehicles.

The two Rangers gradually began to show their real capabilities with the Sugawara truck off to a flying start, demonstrating its strength as it raced along briskly to lead the class, while the Shibata support truck also made it all the way through to Morocco without any problems. They improved their standing in the class day by day in the sand dune region of Mauritania, where they exhibited their strengths. By the midway point, the Sugawara truck was in seventh place and the Shibata also doing well in tenth place.

Hino finally established 1-2 positioning in the class by the tenth day of the event. They firmly maintained positions that would allow them to aim for the top by the end of the race and steadily narrowed the gap. However, given the persistent difficult passing conditions among the tree groves, they were forced into a race of endurance. Even so, the final day arrived with the Sugawara truck boosting its position up one rank higher by tenaciously pressing on ahead. Though the Hino Raising Rangers ultimately realized a 1-2 finish in their class, they ended in sixth and eleventh place in the Camion category, unable to gain the overall victory that they had longed for.


Overall supervisor: Katsutoshi Murosaki
Supervisor: Goro Hamaguchi
1st truck: Yoshimasa Sugawara, Katsumi Hamura, Naoko Matsumoto
2nd truck: Hideki Shibata, Seiichi Suzuki, Nao Ushioda
Air mechanics: Total 19 including Jiro Kameda (leader), Yoshimitsu Yaguchi, Hideaki Takatori, Yasushi Nakamura, Nobuhiko Munakata (Hiroshima Hino) and Hideyuki Ikemiya (Mie Hino)

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Rank Number Driver Vehicle
1 402 Moskovskikh Kamaz
2 400 Loprais Tatra
3 419 Fajol Tatra
4 415 Koreni Tatra
5 420 Tchaguine Kamaz
6 401 Yoshimasa Sugawara Hino Ranger
7 439 Pellissier Mercedes
8 403 Bosonnet Mercedes
9 406 Putebien Mercedes
10 412 Jamble Mercedes
11 408 Hideki Shibata Hino Ranger

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