Race Report 2005

Overall runner-up and 6th place winner in the Camion category with 15 straight rally completions!


In the event in 2005, when 689 vehicles participated, the largest number ever in the Paris-Dakar Rally, the TEAM SUGAWARA challenged with two Hino Rangers driven by father-son team-up Yoshimasa and Teruhito Sugawara. This was the first time with more than one Ranger in eight years since 1997 and, though a private effort again with vehicles and mechanics sent by Hino Motors, a considerable reinforcement of the organization was promoted. Large-displacement Monster Camions including three Kamazes, three Tatras, five DAFs and two Ginafs were out in full force against the Rangers as they sought to achieve the unprecedented record of finishing the race for the fifteenth straight year as well as victory in the under 10-liter class under the new organization. The under 10-liter class, which includes its direct rivals, consisted of a powerful lineup including two Ivecos driven by past WRC champion Miki Biasion and uncrowned king Markku Alen as well as Mercedes Unimogs and others demonstrating formidible speed, bringing up the curtain on a 17-day battle over a distance of 8,956km.

On December 31, the last day of the year, the first and second trucks left the podium to set the pace in the Camion category prompted by the eager cheers of the crowds of spectators in Barcelona. The event this time, in which almost half of the 69 vehicles in the Camion category were pure racing camions, unfolded as a fierce battle from the very beginning. After cool-headed performance in the early stage, the first Ranger was in ninth place and the second was in 22nd at the end of the sixth day as they eagerly pursued an advantageous position. The two Rangers then attacked vigorously at the stage on the seventh day, considered to be the major high point of the event that year. In that difficult stage in which the powerful vehicles confronted problems one after the other, they captured second and fourth place, abruptly emerging in third and sixth place in the overall standings. At Atar, the half-way point, the Rangers, refreshed by the three Hino mechanics, continued to run favorably though the Unimog, DAK truck driven by the De Rooy father-son team and other rivals also mounted a fierce charge at speeds to be reckoned with. Though the first truck allowed the Unimog to get ahead at one point in a frenzied fight for third place, it regained the lead with persistence, placing second overall, while Teruhito also won sixth place in his first challenge, enabling the Hino Ranger to complete the course for the 15th year straight since its first entry.


1st truck: Yoshimasa Sugawara, Katsumi Hamura
2nd truck: Teruhito Sugawara, Seiichi Suzuki
Mechanic: Tetsushi Kitano (Hino Motors)
Mechanic: Shingo Ninomiya (Hiroshima Hino)
Mechanic: Kohei Nishida (Chiba Hino)
Assistance camion: D. Bailer (Mongolia)

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Rank Number Driver Vehicle
1 520 Kabirov Kamaz
2 500 Yoshimasa Sugawara Hino Ranger
3 503 Vismara Unimog
4 521 J. De Rooy DAF
5 516 G. De Rooy DAF
6 501 Teruhito Sugawara Hino Ranger
7 522 Alen Iveco
8 415 Sadlauer MAN

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