Race Report 2006

Gained overall 5th and 7th place against the monster camion which stands in rows!


Hino has reinforced its structure of support for TEAM SUGAWARA centered in vehicle development and the team name has also been changed to HINO TEAM SUGAWARA. As in last year, the team took up the challenge with father and son Yoshimasa and Teruhito Sugawara at the wheel of the two Hino FTs. Though there were stormy times when five DAFs, which were viewed as potential candidates for success, were disqualified in the vehicle inspections due to deficiencies in the homologation process, the Camion division with a gathering of 74 entries had the appearance of a scramble with participation by new model MAN and Iveco monster camions in addition to the usual Kamaz and Tatra entries. There was also a full line of Mercedes-Benz Unimog and other powerhouses, the direct rivals of the FTs in the 10 litter and under class.

Portugal was selected for the first time ever as the starting point of the Dakar Rally in its 28th year and it started in Lisbon on December 31, bringing up the curtain on the competition that continued for 16 days over a distance of 9,043 kilometers. The two Hino FTs gradually improved their positions as the race commenced in earnest after crossing over into Africa. As the Kamaz, Tatra and other team in the regular forces before long took their places in the upper ranks of the results, they maintained their positions of 6th and 8th place overall and were in the lead in the 10 litter class, keeping their original ranking. They managed to make it through the middle stage without a hitch due in part to the outstanding performance of the four mechanics carefully selected from among applicants at Hino and Hino dealers nationwide.

Then, as the race was winding down toward the end, there was a fight for the lead spanning 7th place with the Mercedes-Benz Unimog driven by G. Vismara, who pressed on with the fight for the lead in the 10 litter class last year. The two trucks arrived in Dakar with truck no.1 gradually expanding the time different with Vismara while truck no. 2 continued to close in on Vismara. With Tatra veteran K. Loprais dropping out of the race, the Hino FTs reached the finish line in 5th and 7th place overall, finishing the race for the 16th time in succession, an unprecedented feat since the first entry in 1991.

No. of entries: 69
No. of finishers: 33

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Overall Standings Driver Vehicle
1 Chagin Kamaz
2 Stacey MAN
3 Kabirov Kamaz
4 De Azevedo Tatra
5 (1) Yoshimasa Sugawara Hino FT
6 Vismara Mercedes-Benz Unimog
7 (3) Teruhito Sugawara Hino FT
8 Echter MAN

( ) under 10-liter

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