Hino Motors to Strengthen "Total Support" in Saudi Arabia


Oct 2, 2019

- Wholesaler and retailer contract entered between local company and Toyota Tsusho.

Two business locations to be renewed in 2020. -

Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hereafter "Hino." HQ: Hino, Tokyo. President & CEO: Yoshio Shimo) has entered an official wholesaler and retailer contract with the Tsusho Jamjoom Trading Company, a joint venture company newly formed by the Jamjoom Group, Hino's partner since it entered the Saudi Arabian market, and Toyota Tsusho. The company has taken over the Jamjoom Group's network of business locations, and began its full operations in October.

By bringing together the Jamjoom Group, which has a long track record of Hino vehicle sales, and the strengths of Toyota Tsusho and its extensive expertise in Hino vehicle after-sale service operations, the company, as a business partner of its Saudi Arabian customers, will be further strengthening its organizational setup so that it can contribute to its customers' businesses.The company plans to renew its Jeddah HQ and Dammam branch in 2020. In addition to completely renewing its servicing facilities, the company will be adopting site layouts and vehicle flow line designs that leverage expertise acquired in branches in Japan with an aim to provide services with higher levels of quality and efficiency. To improve the convenience of its customers, the Jeddah HQ will be relocated to a site that will be more accessible to customers.

As part of our effort to bolster our business structure in ways that enable us to provide value to our customers and societies under our "Challenge2025" initiative, we are committed to enhancing our "Total Support" operations which underlie our efforts aimed at increasing our global unit sales and supporting our customers' operations.

Hino positions Saudi Arabia as a key market in the Middle-Eastern region. As such we have been providing best-fit products that meet our customers' needs, and moving forward with Total Support operations that include after-sale services, such as inspections and servicing, as well as safe driving and fuel-saving driving seminars, all of which have been highly acclaimed by our customers. Going forward, we will be accelerating our efforts in "Total Support customized for each vehicle" to ensure that all of our customers' vehicles are maintained in optimum conditions.

*Published on Oct 30, 2018

To achieve our vision embodied in our slogan "Trucks and buses that do more," Hino focuses on our Three Directions, namely, "Best-fit products incorporating safety and environmental technologies," "Total support customized for each vehicle," and "New activity areas." In order to provide our customers and societies with these values on an ongoing basis, we are committed to taking on every challenge.


Jeddah HQ


Dammam branch

<Wholesaler and retailer overview>

Company name Tsusho Jamjoom Trading Company
Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
President Tsutomu Mori (Toyota Tsusho)
Capitalization 42 million Saudi riyal (approx 1.2 billion yen)
Capital composition Toyota Tsusho: 51%, Jamjoom Group: 49%
Business operations Sales and service of Hino vehicles
Models sold HINO700 series, HINO500 series, HINO300 series
Founded 2019 July
Operations launched 2019 October
Employees 150 (at the time of operation launced)


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