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Oct 5, 2023

 Hino Motors, Ltd. (headquartered in Hino City, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Ogiso; hereinafter referred to as "Hino") will exhibit some vehicles at JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 (organized by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.), which is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from October 26 to November 5.

 Hino's exhibition theme is "we make a better world and future by helping people and goods get where they need to go." We will introduce our products, technologies, and solutions for helping solving social issues, such as the logistics problem in 2024, by showing actual vehicles, videos, and panels.
 At the center of our space, we will set a simulated radio studio, to "directly" explain how Hino's products and services contribute to customers' daily lives to visitors to our booth.
 Hino's booth will be located in East 1 Hall of Tokyo Big Sight.


Imaginary image of Hino's Booth


【Major vehicles to be exhibited】
(1) Small-duty battery electric truck "Hino Dutro Z EV"
The ultralow floor structure realized with a chassis exclusively for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) makes it easier to handle cargoes and get in and out of the vehicle, reducing the burden of drivers. This small-duty battery electric truck realized usability in the last-mile delivery and zero emissions at high levels. At our booth, we will showcase a walkthrough van and an aluminum van. In the walkthrough van, you can experience smoothly moving from the driver's seat to the cargo space.

<Specs of Hino Dutro Z EV>

Walkthrough van Aluminum van (with a side door)
Vehicle model ZAB-XED100V-AAAAA ZAB-XED100-ABAAA3
Overall length × width × height 4,695 × 1,695 × 2,290 [mm] 4,690 × 1,925 × 2,480 [mm]
Floor height above the ground 400 (loaded)/450 (vacant) [mm] 420 (loaded)/470 (vacant) [mm]
Maximum loading capacity 1,000 [kg] 1,050 [kg]
Total vehicle weight 3,490 [kg] 3,460 [kg]
Number of occupants Up to 2
Motor Type AC synchronous motor
Maximum output 50 [kW]
Battery Type Lithium ion battery
Capacity 40 [kWh]*1
Recharging method

Ordinary recharging

Rapid recharging (CHAdeMO method)

Mileage per charge under the WLTC mode(examined by MLIT)*2

150 [km]

*1: Surveyed by our company
*2: The WLTC mode is an international running mode developed by combining the running modes for urban areas, suburban areas, and expressways while considering the average time spent in each route. It varies significantly according to each client's usage environment (including weather and congestion) and driving habit (including sudden acceleration and use of an air-conditioner).


(2) Heavy-duty fuel cell truck "Hino Profia Z FCV Prototype"
The Hino Profia Z FCV Prototype, which would contribute to carbon neutrality and a hydrogen society, was developed collaboratively by Toyota Motor and Hino. We are proceeding with the activities for putting it to practical use through running demonstration. Since heavy-duty trucks are often used for highway transportation, we aim to achieve high levels of utility and environmental performance as commercial vehicles, including capacity and mileage.

JMS2023_日野プロフィア Z FCV プロトタイプ.jpg

Hino Profia Z FCV Prototype


<Specs of Hino Profia Z FCV Prototype >

Base vehicle model "Hino Profia" FR1AWHG
Overall length × width × height 11,990 × 2,490 × 3,780 [mm]
Total vehicle weight 25 [t]
FC Stack Toyota FC Stack
Motor AC synchronous motor
High-pressure hydrogen tank A new large-capacity high-pressure (70 MPa) hydrogen
tank developed
Driving battery Lithium ion battery
Target mileage About 600 [km]*3

*3: Value measured by Toyota and Hino under the mixed mode for intercity and urban areas


(3) Introduction of solutions for solving social issues and customers' trouble
・Concurrent Exhibit:CUBE-LINX
With the aim of establishing a comfortable usage environment for commercial EVs, this company offers consulting about the adoption of commercial EVs and ancillary equipment, installs peripheral equipment of rechargers, and introduces solutions, such as a management system for commercial EVs.

・Concurrent Exhibit:NEXT Logistics Japan
Two initiatives to solve social issues in energy and logistics through an open platform from Hino Motors will be introduced.
These initiatives aim to solve social issues by co-creating an open framework for transporting more cargo with fewer drivers and trucks with various stakeholders including shippers, logistics, information, and finance. To realize this goal, we are utilizing informatization, automation, and electrification technologies.
1) NeLOSS, the logistics optimization system that utilizes quantum computing
2) Improvement of productivity in highway transportation by using mixed loads and double-connected trucks by more than 40 shippers

ZEV test-drive event at the parking area outside the east wing
At the ZEV test-drive event jointly hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, you can ride or drive Hino Dutro Z EV. For test-driving or test-riding, it is necessary to book it in "the booking page of the website of JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023."

<Special website of JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023>Japanese only


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